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Old Woking Nursery

Thank you for visiting Wonderbloom in Old Woking. 

We'd love to give you further information for reading at home now you have had a look around the setting and had a feel for us.

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Getting To Know You

& Getting To Know Us

Introductory ''getting to know you'' visits are offered before your child joins us for their first day. 

Settle 1: 09.30 - 10.30 
You stay with us, meet your child's key person and tell us all about your child's schedule, likes etc. 

Settle 2:  09.30-11.30

Your child stays with us alone, has lunch and maybe a morning nap (if appropriate)


Settle 3: 10.30-13.30
Your child stays with us alone, has lunch and a afternoon nap (if appropriate)

Those who don't nap, play in another area to continue bonding with their key person. 

We aim to do all these visits in one week so children can become accustomed to our setting quickly, with your child starting their full sessions the following or same week. If your child required further settling in visits, this is something we can accommodate and arrange. 

A Wonderbloom Day

We have a flexible routine for the day, to allow children to follow their home routine as much as possible. Below are some important times through our day, the rest of the day is child-led learning through play. 

We are closed all UK bank holidays, the last week in August and the Christmas to New Year week - none of which you are charged for!

We offer three session types, all day 8am-6pm, morning 8am-1pm or afternoon 1pm-6pm
Plus we offer an early bird session from 07.30 to those who need it.

Opening Times

07:30 or 08:00 Start


Served from 07:30 - 08:45


10am & 2pm


11am - 12 noon

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We work with your home routine

High Tea



When needed throughout the day

Closing Time


Key Person Approach

The key worker role is important. Research and evidence show that children thrive when their needs are met by special people that they know, trust and respect. Having a key worker who is attentive and knows the child well, will support children in their personal, social and emotional development, by allowing them to explore the world around them freely, confident their needs will be met. This bond, we aim to extend to you as parents too - working in partnership together for the best of your child.


Our menu is prepared fresh daily and we can accommodate main allergens and diet preferences

An Example menu:

Breakfast: Toast | Cereal | Fruit

Snack AM: Seasonal Fruit

Lunch: Butternut Squash And Speckled Lentil Tagine, Finished With Fresh Coriander. Served With Cous Cous And Fresh Vegetables

Snack PM: Ricecakes

High Tea: Finger Sandwiches | Vegetable Sticks | Dip | Fruit

Image by Gabriel Gurrola

Joining Us

Joining Wonderbloom is simple..

Below are our fees per week when attending 50 weeks per year using 15 hour funding

Without funding, we charge £11.50 per hour

Please contact us for more information on fees. 


As spaces will up quickly, we aim to complete the first two below steps within a 48 hour period to confirm your place with us.

Request A Space

Complete our quick online form to request your place with Wonderbloom and we will confirm if we have your requested sessions.

Registration Fee

Registration is £100 per child as is required within 48 hours of requesting your place to hold your spot with us. You will be invoiced for this with payment details. 

Registration Form

Once you have secured your place, we will send a full registration form to you which will take in-depth details about your child and your family to allow us to settle you in.


A deposit for your place is payable 8 weeks before your child starts with us and is refunded once your child leaves us, as long as you have given correct notice as per our terms. This will be invoiced to you with payment details and can be paid by Tax Free Childcare. 


2 days per week = £200 deposit 

3 days per week = £300 deposit

4 days per week = £400 deposit

5 days per week = £500 deposit 

Notice Period

2 months

Reduction of sessions

Prohibited in the first 3 months

Fees Payable

30th of each month, in advance


Funding & Tax Free accepted

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