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Early Years

Early Years Education  

Done Different! 

Trusted By Parents

At Wonderbloom, we have earned the trust of our parents who have witnessed the positive impact of our nurseries. Click below to read their testimonials and learn about their experiences with Wonderbloom.

''Wonderbloom is family for my child. I know that when he goes there he feels at home.
He has bonded with key person with the maximum of the strongest bond he could ever have, and that’s thanks to the love they have for him. The manager is so attentive and has the eye of a mother towards the 

children in her nursery - that’s just so admiring.''

''The caring staff at Wonderbloom genuinely nurture my child's development, and her speech, confidence and motor skills continue to flourish. The clean, imaginative environment with no plastic toys encourages their little minds to get creative with play! It is a fantastic all-round nursery and I highly recommend it!''

Meet the Team

Why Are We Different?

Enhanced Ratios

We're committed to providing unparalleled care and attention for every child. By offering enhanced staff-to-child ratios, we ensure that your little ones receive the focused, individualised support they need to thrive. This approach fosters a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn and grow with confidence, all while giving parents peace of mind knowing their child is in attentive, caring hands.

Extended Opening Times 

We understand the diverse schedules of modern families. That's why our Woking location opens its doors bright and early at 07:30, and both of our settings welcome your little ones until 18:00. We're here for you all year round, not just during term time, offering consistent, reliable support whenever you need it. Our extended opening hours and year-long availability are designed to accommodate your family's needs, ensuring you have flexibility.

Speech & Language Therapist

We are proud to offer as part of our inclusive service a dedicated in-house speech and language therapist, ensuring all children have the support they need to develop their communication and language skills effectively. This valuable service is part of our commitment to fostering a holistic learning environment where every child can find their voice and express themselves with confidence. Our therapist works closely with children, parents and educators to tailor support, enriching our nurturing setting with expert guidance and personalised care for each child's linguistic journey.


Inclusivity At Heart

Inclusivity is at the heart of our philosophy. We warmly welcome all families, embracing diversity and providing a supportive environment for every child, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our commitment extends to accepting all government funding from children as young as 9 months, ensuring accessibility for everyone. With a diverse and multilingual staff team, we reflect the vibrant community we serve, offering a rich tapestry of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This approach ensures a truly inclusive setting where every family feels valued, understood and supported.

What Our Staff Say

"I love my job at Wonderbloom. Everyone here is my second family. I take pride in witnessing their growth and development, making strong bonds among the children and staff.''


- Jess, Nursery Manager 

''Every child is unique in their own way and I learn so much everyday, and surrounded by the most amazing and supportive staff that make Wonderbloom special. ''

- Hanifah, Nursery Assistant 

''I chose Wonderbloom for their enhanced staff to child ratios, I enjoy being able to work with each child in an individualised way and not feeling like an octopus!''

- Karan, Early Years Educator

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